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Data platform modernization

Modernize your data platform to support business growth.


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Provide self-service access to your most valuable data.


Customer 360°

Build customer experiences from meaningful insights.

The Zaloni Data Platform is a fully integrated self-service data platform


Automate workflows


Apply right-sized governance


Discover your data

The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) is an integrated self-service platform that provides total control throughout the data pipeline from ingestion to analytics, regardless of location: On-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid.

Get unified data management, governance, and self-service capabilities for operational efficiency and exceptional results.

Discover why governed, self-service data matters to our customers

customer quote mobileThese days, we can’t put off turning our companies into digital businesses. Fortunately, we have all the ingredients we need with integrated data platforms like Zaloni’s that span public and private environments, and data governance that works. Now is the time to enable our business colleagues with self-service data.”

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