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End-to-End Governance and Observability Through a Single Unified Platform

Catalog both data and digital assets such as code repositories, reports, models, and more.

Intelligent Data and Digital Asset Catalog

Apply ML-powered data mastering to encrypted data from disparate sources and easily provision to marketing, BI or CRM tools.

ML-Powered Customer C360

Provide data citizens with governed, self-service access to verified data through a private data marketplace.

Private Data Marketplace with Access Request Management
Intelligent Data and Digital Asset Catalog
ML-Powered Customer C360
Private Data Marketplace with Access Request Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zaloni? What is Arena?

Zaloni is our company, Arena is our software solution. Arena is an intelligent data governance and observability platform that rapidly and securely delivers trusted data through a single control plane to catalog, govern, and safely share data across the enterprise. Arena empowers decision-making through a collaborative data catalog, automated data governance, end-to-end lineage and self-service data access.

What does Arena help data teams achieve?

Zaloni Arena takes an end-to-end DataOps approach to enable organizations to achieve data governance and observability of all their data, no matter where it’s located.
Connect data silos
Ensure data quality
Catalog data with rich metadata and a business glossary
Apply automated data governance rules
Track data lineage
Provide controlled self-service data access and provisioning

How is Arena different from other data governance platforms?

Arena is a single, unified platform providing all data governance capabilities through an API-first approach for extensibility and interoperability with the modern data tech stack.
Unique product capabilities:
Intelligent data catalog also catalogs digital assets including ML models and code
Self-service data marketplace controlled through data access request management
ML-driven data mastering for creating unified customer records (customer 360)
Data governance no matter where your data resides: hybrid, multi-cloud, GovCloud
Expert professional services: 35 certified data engineers and architects with 175+ years of data management experience

Will Arena work for my specific data project?

Our most common customer use cases include:
Customer 360 initiatives
Automating data governance policies and rules
Regulatory compliance
Controlled, self-service private data marketplace
Data monetization

How much does Arena cost?

The list price of Zaloni Arena starts at $50,000 for 8 users. View additional pricing details.

Where did the name Zaloni come from?

Zaloni is named after an East Indian word that means “arrangement of nodes in a pattern.” Our founder, Ben Sharma chose this name as it relates to the management of enterprise data. Another loose translation is “making order out of chaos,” which is what Zaloni Arena does for a company’s data.

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