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Modernize your data platform in 8 weeks

Forward-thinking businesses require a modern data platform, but, today, building your architecture from the ground up for future growth can be a difficult and time-consuming process, not to mention resource-intensive. Zaloni believes that enterprise-grade data operations and self-service are key differentiators for any business, and it can be achieved at a fraction of the time and cost of building one yourself.

Zaloni enables a turnkey platform, simplifying and speeding data lake implementation in any environment. The key to success is automation: the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) operationalizes repeatable processes throughout the entire data pipeline, from ingestion to analytics.

  • Migrate your data to the data lake with our industrial-strength ingestion solution that cuts time and effort by 75-90% and automates future ingestions from any source
  • Orchestrate and automate workflows and data preparation to efficiently scale operations
  • Automatically capture metadata, including operational, technical and business metadata for data quality and governance
  • Integrate with your existing data management infrastructure to efficiently scale or operationalize workflows using your IT team’s existing processes

In addition, the Zaloni Data Platform is extensible and can be deployed in cloud, hybrid or on-premises environments and can integrate with traditional data management components and applications. The solution also provides transparency into siloed data systems, databases and hybrid or multi-cloud architectures.

Customers modernize their platform and see immediate results

customer quote mobileZaloni allows us to be more resource efficient, delivering 4 times as much functionality in half the time.

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An award-winning data platform delivers transformative insights

Data platform modernization is enabled by the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP), An award-winning data management, governance and self-service platform that delivers a production-ready data lake in just weeks.

For IT teams, the platform operationalizes data management and eliminates data silos for central management of all enterprise data sources, regardless of location. For business users, the platform delivers a self-service, enterprise-wide data catalog through which to discover and wrangle data sets, and derive transformational business insights using advanced analytics.

Cloud-Based Data Lake for a Next Generation Data Platform

A modern data architecture is the key to balancing self-service data access with governance

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical company migrated their warehouse data to the cloud to build a next-level data lake, resulting in a governed enterprise-wide data platform that allows self-service access.

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