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Getting paid for results, rather than activity, is the future of health care. This shift to outcome-based reimbursement is a powerful impetus for data-driven, actionable analytics. Organizations must do more of the right things at the right time to ensure positive patient outcomes. Data-driven decisions with correlations to events as they occur must be monitored, and acted upon.

Improving the Patient Experience Through Insights

customer quote mobileWhen we take a look at what data is doing to the healthcare industry, it’s changing everything. It’s moving healthcare from episodic treatment when you get sick to a horizontal longitudinal view of a person.”

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Data-Driven, Actionable Analytics for Health Care and Life Sciences Organizations

Data lakes are defining the art of the possible, playing a role across the entire ecosystem, with use cases such as:

  • CMS Accountable Care Organizations
  • Commercial payer shared savings approaches
  • Hospital Readmission Reduction Programs
  • Personalized Medicine/Patient 360
  • Clinical Trials
  • Pharmacovigilance
Cloud-Based Data Lake for a Next Generation Data Platform

Data Lakes Provide Scalable Architecture

A well-managed Hadoop data lake provides health care organizations with a cost-effective, scalable architecture for collecting and processing massive volumes of disparate data types. The Zaloni Data Platform is the industry’s only fully integrated data lake management platform. Its intuitive UI makes it easy to ingest, organize, enrich and extract data within the data lake. Our foundational data lake management platform makes this process manageable and repeatable.

Managed Data Lakes: The Foundational Fabric of the New Health Ecosystem
Operationalize Your Data Lake to Accelerate Business Insights
Realizing the Promise of a Data Lake

Want an agile, governed data lake?