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Big Data for Mission-Critical Financial Systems

Big data is mission critical for companies in the financial and insurance industries. They leverage data to more accurately predict financial trends, improve and personalize the customer experience, and detect and prevent cybercrime and fraud.

In addition, due to stringent industry regulations and reporting requirements, many of these businesses are looking for more efficient ways to improve risk data aggregation and risk reporting.

A managed data lake provides financial institutions with the solution they need to integrate data silos, enable near real-time access to data, and support regulatory requirements for data lineage all the way back to source systems.

Can Banks Disrupt the Disruptors?

Turning Physical Data into Competitive Digital Disruption

customer quote mobileInsurance is paper-intensive, which can be messy to deal with. If you turn that into data and information, you can expand globally, taking friction out of the process.”

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Handle Data for Regulatory Compliance, Fraud, and Risk Management

To manage the volume and complexity of data for compliance and risk management, financial institutions are increasingly turning to data lakes. However, successful compliance programs also need data governance policies and procedures, as well as metadata management to improve data quality and track data lineage.

The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) provides these capabilities and its intuitive UI makes it easy to ingest, organize, enrich and provision data. Additionally, ZDP provides a governed self-service data catalog to give access to the right people at the right time resulting in reduced time to insight.

Want an agile, governed data lake?