Data Marketplace

Comprehensive, Self-Service Access to Your Most Valuable Data

Find, understand, and use data. IT teams at innovative companies make this process simple for their business by building a self-service data marketplace where users can access a curated catalog of internal and external data.

Companies that make this shift will realize twice the business value from analytics investments than those that don’t.

The Zaloni Data Platform enables a self-service data marketplace and offers the following benefits for everyone who considers data the lifeline of their business:

  • Shopping cart experience for users
  • Advanced analytics
  • Increased user adoption of data lake
  • Find data, understand data and use data
  • Data monetization
data marketplace for data preparation

Customers see immediate results from their data lake

Centralized Data Marketplace and Governed Access for Advanced Analytics
Enterprise-Wide Data Catalog for Cloud-Based Data Lake
Cloud-Based Data Lake for Customer 360º and Marketing Analytics Applications

The Only Integrated Self-Service Data Platform

The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) is the only integrated self-service data platform that can truly accelerate your time to insight. It eliminates the cumbersome challenges of that are found in today’s data marketplaces, such as manual governance processes and poor lineage that commonly occur when moving data among disparate tools.

And because ZDP is a unified platform, you can ingest and process new data sets to the catalog with ease according to your overall data management and operations processes.

  • Discover useful data sets across your enterprise via ZDP’s self-service catalog
  • Provide right-sized governance capabilities via metadata management to enable privacy, quality and lineage of data important for regulations
  • Automate and orchestrate workflows for enrichment, quality and lifecycle management
  • Boost the productivity of data producers & consumers
  • Trust that governance and catalog currency are infused throughout the process
Active data hub - Zaloni Data Platform example
Sample access to an active data hub

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