Ingestion Factory

Reduce Data Lake Ingestion Time and Effort by 75% with Ingestion Factory

Zaloni’s Ingestion Factory can hydrate and organize a data lake in weeks, simplifying and automating data ingestion and data preparation processes at scale. Ingestion Factory is an industrial-strength data ingestion solution that cuts time and effort by 75 – 90% and automates future ingestions. It is scalable, repeatable and ensures ingestion is done the right way from the start.

  • Reduces time and effort by 75%
  • Automates metadata capture and catalog
  • Supports Change Data Capture
  • Data visibility and availability from day 1

“Data-driven enterprises already know this: It takes too long to implement most DataOps technologies. Zaloni Ingestion Factory accelerates that too-often underestimated time from purchase to value recognition.”
– Toph Whitmore, Principal Analyst, Big Data & Analytics, Blue Hill Research

Zaloni Ingestion Factory includes a combination of technology and services:

  • Work with Zaloni experts to develop the architecture to move beyond a proof-of-concept (POC) to a production-ready data lake
  • Leverage the Zaloni Data Platform for the metadata management, data governance, security and privacy capabilities required for an enterprise-grade data lake
  • Cut data ingestion time and effort by 75% and have a production-ready data lake in weeks
Ingestion Factory Solution Brief
Don’t Get Bogged Down by Data Ingestion
Operationalize Your Data Lake to Accelerate Business Insights

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