Active Data Hubs

Comprehensive, Self-Service Access to Your Most Valuable Data

Turn passive data catalogs to active data hubs

Find, understand, and use data.

IT teams at innovative companies make these basic processes simple for their business users by abandoning passive data catalogs in favor of active data hubs where users can interact with, enrich and provision data from a curated, managed catalog that hosts data from any source.

Companies that make this shift will realize twice the business value from analytics investments than those that don’t.

When business units have access to data, innovation happens

Deliver rapid business value to lines of business to drive competitive advantages through cross-selling and enhanced user experiences.

active data hubs for lines of business
  • Find data, understand data and use data
  • Self-service access by business users
  • Enrich relevant data for specific lines of business
  • Action data into business applications
  • Deliver business value fast

Over 55% of data scientists cited the need for access to quality data. High quantities of high-quality data are what build accurate models and inform smart decisions. – 2018 Data Science Report, Figure Eight

Support everyone who interacts with business data

Say goodbye to passive data catalogs. An active data hub with the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) at its core provides the ultimate solution to enable management, relevant governance and ultimately provide self-service access to trusted data for your business.

Active data hub | data supply chain

Data visibility across
the organization

Productivity is increased
for business and IT

Governance is infused
throughout the process

Customers see immediate results from accessible data

Centralized Data Marketplace and Governed Access for Advanced Analytics
Enterprise-Wide Data Catalog for Cloud-Based Data Lake
Cloud-Based Data Lake for Customer 360º and Marketing Analytics Applications

A comprehensive platform makes active data hubs a reality

The Zaloni Data Platform provides management and governance to deliver trusted data throughout the data supply chain from source to consumer. You get a solid foundation for secure, reliable, analytics-ready data.

  • Discover, catalog and ingest data from any source, anywhere
  • Enrich and prepare data for analytics or to operationalize workflows
  • Provision data to a sandbox or business application
Active data hub - Zaloni Data Platform example
Sample access to an active data hub

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