Data Platform Solutions

for Advanced Business Insights

The Zaloni Data Platform delivers a governed, self-service data lake environment that ensures the agility and flexibility that organizations need to support advanced analytics and business insights.

Whether you’re focused on reducing IT costs, improving customer satisfaction, or embarking on a digital transformation of your business, Zaloni provides the software to simplify and the support required to excel at scale as a data-powered business.

Look to the Zaloni Data Platform to help you:

  • Access more data sources in more formats than ever before
  • Maximize your developers’ time on innovation – not maintenance
  • Reduce your big data skills gap
  • Prepare and present data for use in your existing business intelligence tools

Innovation Relies on Self-Service Data

customer quote mobileThese days, we can’t put off turning our companies into digital businesses. Fortunately, we have all the ingredients we need with integrated data platforms like Zaloni’s that span public and private environments, and data governance that works. Now is the time to enable our business colleagues with self-service data.”

Industry Thought Leader
& Chief Technology Officer

Zaloni provides the platform, integrations and expertise you need to allow governed, self-service access to your most valuable data and leverage it effectively for business growth. If you want to reduce your time to insight, and reduce the complexity of your data lake implementation, our platform will get you up and running quickly, while setting a solid foundation for a data lake that scales for your future business needs.

Data Platform Modernization

Skip the experiments. Modernize your data architecture and improve your time to productivity with an all-in-one, turnkey data lake. Zaloni provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement a data lake with all the software, integration and expertise you need to deliver self-service data to your organizations. Faster.

modern data platform | cloud migration

Active Data Hubs

Move over, passive data catalogs. Active data hubs empower your business users to directly act on trusted data with little to no wait time on IT. The Zaloni Data Platform plus advanced application of your business rules and right-sized governance can get you there.

self-service data | active data hubs

Customer 360

Improving customer experiences is about using data in the right places at the right time for the right audience. With the Zaloni Data Platform, you can compile data about your customers from across your enterprise as well as relevant external sources to achieve a single unified view.

active customer 360

Business Value Assessment

It’s important to be able to justify your big data purchase to your organization, but it’s not always easy to show value. Zaloni offers a free business value assessment. Simply spend a couple days with our experts and you’ll see just how much the Zaloni Data Platform can effect your bottom line.


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