Real Challenges, Real Solutions

Zaloni delivers governed data lake solutions that provide the agility and flexibility a data-powered business needs to support advanced analytics and business insights.

Whether you’re focused on reducing IT costs, improving customer satisfaction, or engaging on full-blown digital business transformations, Zaloni provides the software to simplify, the services to optimize and the support required to excel at scale as a data-powered business.

Look to Zaloni to help you:

  • Access more data sources in more formats than ever before
  • Maximize your developers’ time on innovation, not maintenance
  • Reduce your big data skills gap
  • Prepare and present data for use in your existing business intelligence tools

The New Data Imperative

customer quote mobileWhen information is made readily available from a variety of sources…everything changes.

CEO and Founder
Zaloni, Inc.

Zaloni provides packaged solutions that combine the software and services you need to simplify big data and leverage it effectively for your use case. If you want to reduce your time to insight, and reduce the complexity of your data lake implementation, our solutions will get you up and running quickly, while setting a solid foundation for a data lake that scales for your future business needs.

Customer 360

Build customer experiences from meaningful insights. Gather data from across your enterprise and other public sources to get a unified 360-degree view from a governed and actionable data lake. Zaloni’s integrated self-service data platform streamlines data operations in the data lake by leveraging machine-learning algorithms to automate and dynamically find the “golden” master records that define your audiences.

Turnkey Data Lake

Improve your time to productivity with this all-in-one solution for an analytics-ready data lake. A turnkey data lake from Zaloni provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement a data lake with all the software, integration and expertise you need to derive value from your data. Faster.


Ingestion Factory

Do data ingestion the right way from the start! Ingestion Factory is an industrial-strength ingestion solution that cuts initial time and effort by 75 – 90% while also automating future ingestions.


Data Warehouse Augmentation

Smart companies complement their data warehouse with a data lake to improve performance and capacity while reducing costs, ultimately providing the maximum amount of data available for analytics.


Want an agile, governed data lake?