Zine Issue Oct 30 2020


Gartner Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

DNA storage, factory, and farm automation, and freelance customer service drive predictions for the foreseeable future.
2021 needs a reset.

Harvard Business Review

To Recognize Risks Earlier, Invest in Analytics

Analytics alerts you when the rules of the game are changing, protecting you from exogenous shocks.


10 Data Analytics Myths That Can Hamper Your Business

10 professionals from Forbes Technology Council discuss several data analytics myths, both positive and negative, that companies need to be aware of.

Penn Today

The role of data in a world reshaped by COVID-19

Experts across Penn share their insights on how data and data science affect their fields in the context of an ongoing pandemic.

Technical Corner

AI and ML algorithms to transform chatbots
Trending technologies algorithms help to create chatbots

How to Develop Word Embeddings in Python with Gensim
Discover how to train and load for natural language processing applications

What is a Data Pipeline?
The definition, types, how is it different from ETL, challenges it addresses, and more.

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Enabling AI for Real-World Results

Watch Ben Sharma, co-founder, and chief product officer, Zaloni as he takes you on a journey of the technology evolution that’s enabled today’s DataOps.