Zine Issue Oct 29 2021

CIO Insight

Examining the Big Data Explosion

With global populations demanding all the trappings of the digital age, there’s no stopping the data explosion.


The Top 5 Data Trends CIOs Can’t Ignore

IT leaders should keep their eyes on how new data technologies are redefining how we capture value from data.


Improve Your Business With Data-Singularity

Use data to better your brand and make better decisions across all aspects of your business.

Info World

The high cost of data science toil

Data science toil saps agility and prevents organizations from scaling data science efforts efficiently and sustainably. Here’s how to avoid it.


How to Simplify Your Approach to Data Analytics

Utilize a unified analytics platform, implement automation, simplify data access, and create an open-source foundation

Technical Corner

Difference between coding in data science and machine learning

A guide to data cleaning in Python for effective data use

How are C and C++ programs becoming helpful in data science