Zine Issue Oct 22 2021

Brink News

Data Localization: A Big Part of Doing Business Globally

CISOs are challenged to balance strategies for achieving data sovereignty with the new realities of big data and cloud


Automating Data Analysis Is a Must for Midsize Businesses

The author offers three lessons for leaders to consider when getting started with automating data analysis.


Data Playgrounds are The Cure for Slow and Inefficient DataOps

About 90% of data out there is unstructured, this is in itself indicative of the data conundrum facing businesses today.


5 Best Practices For Scaling Data Science

The author shares 5 key points for subject matter experts to keep in mind when scaling data science across an organization.


Ethical data management is a win for marketers

Compliance with privacy regulations is important. But ethically managing data goes beyond that.

Technical Corner

Analytics drift: What it is and how to manage it in your organization

Model Drift In Data Analytics: What Is It? So What? Now What?

3 ways to use data, analytics, and machine learning in test automation

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AWS Data Governance No-Pitch Demo

Take a peak inside Zaloni’s purpose-built data governance solution to control data across AWS during this to-the-point demo

Is Data The New Gold?

Listen to TCS COIN™ PODCAST SERIES EP:1 where Susan Cook, CEO, Zaloni discussed data as the new gold with TCS futurist Kevin Benedict

On-Demand Webinar Available

Learn from experts in the field about best practices for implementing data governance on AWS from a single app.