Zine Issue Oct 15 2021


What Does It Mean To Be A Data-Driven Leader?

Data should be viewed as the starting point for further exploration, rather than as an endpoint

Analytics Insight

Top BI trends and predictions for 2022

By 2022, top business intelligence trends and predictions will boost the tech-driven industry.

RT Insights

Filling the gap between data consumers & suppliers

Lack of automation and data security challenges are impeding the flow of enterprise information


Power to the People

Use the data you’re collecting to deliver exceptional digital experiences to your customers.

Technical Corner

The Data Lakehouse: Bridging Information Gaps

Spark: A Data Engineer’s Best Friend

3 Reasons Data Scientists Need Linear Algebra

News from

Is Data The New Gold?

Listen to TCS COIN™ PODCAST SERIES EP:1 where Susan Cook, CEO, Zaloni discussed data as the new gold with TCS futurist Kevin Benedict

AWS Data Governance No-Pitch Demo

Take a peak inside Zaloni’s purpose-built data governance solution to control data across AWS during this to-the-point demo

On-Demand Webinar Available

Learn from experts in the field about best practices for implementing data governance on AWS from a single app.