Zine Issue Oct 08 2021


The 2021 Data Landscape Is Out

A valuable discussion on what CIOs and Data Leaders should consider when investing in this space in the data space.


Take control of ALL your data in AWS

Organizations face challenges due to lack of visibility and control as they transition to a modern data architecture in public cloud environments. Learn how to overcome them.


The State Of Data, September 2021

Data is eating the world. The collection and analysis of data is at the core of technology’s impact on our lives. Here’s the data on the state of data.

Search Data Management

How DataOps can improve healthcare outcomes

DataOps is more than just DevOps for data. It’s a set of tools and principles that help organizations improve data pipelines.

Tech Republic

AI is finally booming now that big data has become easy

At last, storage is fueling the big data hype, which is also fueling artificial intelligence.

MIT Sloan

Building an Organizational Approach to Responsible AI

To engineer successful digital transformation with AI, companies must embrace a new approach to the responsible use of technology.

Technical Corner

Baffled by Covariance vs. Correlation? You’re Not Alone.

Why Analytics Warehouse Is the Answer to Big Data Analytics

Top 9 Data Modeling Tools & Software of 2021 and How To Select One

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Finalist for The 2021 Banking Tech Awards

Zaloni has been selected as a finalist for the 2021 Fintech Banking Tech Award for the “Best Smart Banking Tech Solution” category.

Finalist for the 2021 NC TECH Awards

Zaloni has been named a finalist in the Analytics + Big Data category for the 2021 NC TECH Awards, North Carolina’s annual statewide awards program recognizing innovation, growth and leadership in the tech sector.