Zine Issue Oct 02 2020


What the Data Showed after Ricciardo’s ‘I’ll Drive Faster’ Message

An analysis of the data that shows how the Australian’s response was very effective.


How Data from Google Earth Helps Us Understand the World, and Ourselves

By using decades of visuals to show exactly how Earth changes.


How Data Catalogs Expand Discovery and Improve Governance

By giving organizations an inventory of their data assets that are critical and to make it easier for users to discover data.


Meet Susan Cook: the CEO tackling enterprise DataOps problems head-on

As she opens up about innovation in technology, leading through the pandemic, the value of authenticity and transparency, and more.

Technical Corner

Radius Neighbors Classifier Algorithm With Python

Deploy any Machine Learning (or Deep Learning) Endpoint
on GCP in less than 10 mins

Data Provisioning
from any source to any destination, quickly.