Zine Issue Nov 27 2020

Inside Big Data

The Impact of Big Data In Business, Past and Future

Collecting data is not a new concept, but the way it is handled is new and further evolving by the day.


Avoid these big data blunders in your business

AI and ML aren’t just fad technology — not investing now could be a costly mistake down the line.

Help Net Security

IT and data management challenges for 2021

The results of a survey of 500 IT decision-makers that highlight challenges midsize and enterprise organizations are facing as they prepare for 2021

Analytics Insight

Big Data Security Challenges

How to overcome them with the right encryption techniques and professionals to avoid data loss or data breach.

The Wall Street Journal

Climate Researchers Enlist Big Cloud Providers for Big Data Challenges

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft increasingly are providing the computing muscle scientists need to glean insights from vast stores of climate data

Technical Corner

R and Python: the advantages that using both can bring to individual data scientists and DS teams.

Amazon MWAA: Enabling data engineers to easily execute data processing workflows in the cloud

Provisioning to RDBMS with Spark for variable-length data. The extraction of processed data by performing a data transfer into a “serving layer”

News from

In an exclusive webinar on Dec 3rd, learn from Zaloni’s Chief Product Officer and industry pioneer of the zone-based data architecture, Ben Sharma how to improve efficiency and accelerate time to insights in order to improve analytics, AI, and ML outcome.

Topics included are:

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