Zine Issue Nov 26 2021


Data Management In Financial Services

Control towers in data management power the data-driven analytics required to compete in today’s digital world.


Automating Data Analysis Is a Must for Midsize Businesses

The author offers three lessons for leaders to consider when getting started with automating data analysis.

Venture Beat

Leveraging small data for insights

Small data may emerge as an essential part of a future dominated by GDPR and a greater emphasis on privacy.

Enterprise Storage Forum

Implementing DataOps for Better Storage Management

DataOps doesn’t just make it easier for actually storing data, it makes it easier for successfully utilizing that data as well.


Too Much Data? 4 Ways to Shift From Data to Insights

Follow these steps to make better data-driven decisions to maximize your business profits.

Technical Corner

A Guide to Regularization in Python

How CI/CD is different for data science

Business Glossary: What is it and Why is it Helpful?

News from

CIO Review – The 20 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers 2021

Learn how the Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform helps data professionals efficiently to make it one of the 20 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers in 2021

Top Enterprise Advanced Analytics Use Cases

There are many use cases that companies are implementing, but what are the top advanced analytics use cases for enterprises today? Find out in our latest blog.