Zine Issue Nov 13 2020

Harvard Business Review

“Data Trusts” Could Be the Key to Better AI

To make it easier for firms to safely share data by instituting a new way for governing the collection, processing, access, and utilization of the data.

Information Week

How to Approach Your Mission-Critical Big Data Strategy

Across industries, big data has joined traditional, structured data as a mission-critical element. Here’s some advice for CIOs and big data leaders on how to get started.

Forbes Technology Council

What Marketers Should Know About Data Lakes To Make The Most Of Out It

Data lakes can help advertisers’ companies grow and keep up with changing regulations to avoid rough waters in marketing.

The Drum

Why the industry needs a trusted data ecosystem across all screens

The emergence of solutions that leverage first-party audience authentications offers an opportunity to restore trust.

CMS Wire

The Growing Importance of Data Management in the Digital Workplace

How the data supply chain has changed and what enterprises can do to ensure maximum productivity and fast outcomes.


Top 10 Data Science Use Cases in Retail

This article presents the top 10 data science use cases in retail, created for you to be aware of the present trends and tendencies.

Technical Corner

Normalizing datasets with Python and NumPy for analysis and modeling.

An Ultimate Guide to Time Series Analysis in Pandas
You Can Use This as a Cheat Sheet as Well.

Hive Metastore Management with AWS Glue and Apache Ranger
Terminologies and significance explained

News from

Live Webinar: Data Governance Framework

Lear lessons learned from the field, along with recommendations on essential data management, operations, and governance best practices.