Zine Issue Nov 12 2021


How To Overcome Business Assumptions

Replacing assumptions with data-driven analysis can break down silos and help you catch up or leap ahead of the competition.

IT Business Edge

Your Business Can Benefit from DataOps

Data-driven enterprises are 23 times more likely to win customers, 6 times more likely to retain them, and 19 times more likely to boost profits.

Venture Beat

Report: Flawed data management leads to lost revenue for most companies

A look at where these data processes are failing and why leaders are struggling to keep up.

Analytics Insights

How big data has changed the financial game

Data analytics is extremely useful, however, if you don’t have the means to act on the results, it counts for nothing

Technical Corner

A Guide to Dask: Parallel Computing Tool in Python for Big Data

Data Scientists, Your Variable Names Are a Mess. Clean Up Your Code.

Business Glossary: What is it and Why is it Helpful?