Zine Issue May 14 2021

Venture Beat

Data, analytics, and digital transformation

While there is no one universal recipe, attention to organizational alignment, cross-functional business processes, and executive education can improve the odds of success.


Five Trends That Will Dominate Data Analytics For The Rest Of 2021

The first quarter of 2021 is behind us, and we are beginning to recover from 2020. So what’s in store for data analytics in 2021?


Big data is the key to everything. Here are four ways to improve how you use it

Now CIOs must use data and digital technologies to grow their businesses.


Taking a Strategic Approach to Capitalizing on Data

Organizations need to capitalize more fully on data analytics and AI to drive business insights. Here are some tips on getting started.


Data Days: Current And Future Trends In AI And Analytics

Powerful data analytics tools & strategies are no longer luxuries, but rather critical necessities for competitive brands and businesses.


The dirty secret of data analytics: Culture of honest inquiry required

Analysis has been corrupted by a culture of tweaking parameters to support desired outcomes. Here’s how to establish an honest path to data-driven decisions.

Technical Corner

Studying plants from 400 miles up: Using remote sensing data for signals of climate change

How to Tune a Model Using Simple Analytics on the Feature Contribution Data

JSON Data Type Support in MariaDB 10.2.x: Tips along with hands-on practice

News from

Exclusive Interaction with Ashwin Nayak, VP of Engineering, Zaloni

Learn how data governance should be a cornerstone of data ethics and how a data management strategy can help organizations protect customer data