Zine Issue Mar 26 2021


You Can’t Trust What You Can’t See

As data grows in size and complexity, so do data teams which is making data lineage is an increasingly important aspect of any data leader.


What Data Culture Looks Like

Organizations want to reap the benefits of data, and embedding its use in company culture could be key.

Harvard Business Review

AI Can Help Companies Tap New Sources of Data

By making it possible for analytics to quickly incorporate and process context from a broad array of sources


Big Data Is Dead: Long Live Smart Data

Whether it’s a televised sports game or festival driving up demand, many companies are on it. And every company needs to be.


Organizations Put Big Data Aside To Focus on Small Data

Due in no small part to the pandemic, small data is moving into the spotlight.


Operationalizing AI: MLOps, DataOps And AIOps

ITs ability to rapidly adapt to changing market needs is paramount to successful digital transformation in which AI and data-driven analytics are central off.

Technical Corner

Hadoop Today: Is Hadoop dead? Should you invest time to learn the Hadoop ecosystem?

Top 10 Python Libraries Data Scientists should know in 2021 that offer powerful and efficient foundations

Apache Hive Basics: Get familiar with the basic terminology, components and concepts

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