Zine Issue Mar 25 2022

Forbes Advisor

What Is Zero-Trust Security, And Should Your Business Adopt It?

An understanding of its key elements, and actionable steps you can take to improve your business’s security posture.

Progamming Insider

Why Data Governance Is Important For Your Tech Business

The benefits of data governance and data observability and explain why you should consider implementing them into your business!


Is DataOps more than DevOps for data?

Both methods require collaboration for application development and IT operations teams, but they target different operation areas.


5 Ways To Use Data To Elevate Customer Experience

The following strategies are recommended to leverage your data and redefine your CX journey.

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Bringing you our latest paper with the ten critical components to getting customer data management right.

Creating a unified view of every customer can be a daunting task. But with the right customer data management strategy you can overcome data sprawl, data quality issues, and stay compliant with customer data privacy regulations in order to tactfully meet all your customer’s expectations.

Download this paper for insights from Gokula Mishra, Vice President of Data Science at Direct Supply, Inc., and pave your way to business success with these 10 components.