Zine Issue Mar 12 2021


‘Big’ Data Can Be 99.98% Smaller Than It Appears

If the soup isn’t well stirred, you could drink gallons of it and still not know its average saltiness.


Bias in big data: How to find it and mitigate influence

It’s no secret that bias exists in large data sets. With transparency, diversity, and accountability, limiting that bias can be possible.


Why Data Management Needs An Aggregator Model

Traditional storage-centric approach to unstructured data management cannot handle the astounding amount of data growth.


Data gravity won’t stop the move to multi-cloud

Overcoming data gravity is as simple as adopting a cloud-attached storage solution.

FT Magazine

If Big Tech has our data, why are targeted ads so terrible?

‘Facebook says my advertiser-friendly interests include rugby, greetings cards and Gothic fashion — all wide of the mark’


Why DataOps Is Important to Future Success

It’s a data-driven world. Here’s how to get a handle on it, yield insights, and realize value.

Technical Corner

Making better decisions: These data collections representing real people are used to present information to decision-makers.

Streamlining data science with open source: Data version control and continuous machine learning

Spring Cloud Data Flow: The Core Components and Sample Use Cases

News from

Zaloni Continues to Redefine the Data Catalog with Latest Release of the Arena DataOps Platform

Arena 6.2 extends cataloging to digital assets for enterprise-wide accessibility and more

Enabling Data Intelligence: Q&A with Zaloni’s Ben Sharma

Ben Sharma, of Zaloni, spoke with BDQ about the challenges companies are facing in their efforts to gain more value from data.