Zine Issue Mar 05 2021

MIT Sloan

21 MIT Sloan stories to boost your data analytics strategy

To help build a data culture, use data storytelling and unstructured data, and learn from sports and startups.


Data experts are becoming football’s best signings

When former astrophysicist and Treasury policy adviser Laurie Shaw tweeted he was joining Manchester City, the football world was abuzz.


Five Big Compliments To Big Data

Big to Better to Best data is what we should expect going forward. In our not-so-distant future, if the data isn’t “best,” it’s just “big.”

MIT Sloan

Why So Many Data Science Projects Fail to Deliver

Organizations can gain more business value from advanced analytics by recognizing and overcoming five common obstacles.

Tech Crunch

Data is the world’s most valuable (and vulnerable) resource

There’s a gaping hole in the data loss prevention market

Global Banking and Finance

Is Your Data Holding You Back Instead of Driving You Forward?

Many organizations claim that data is their biggest asset – but still, too few CEOs manage it as such.

Technical Corner

4 ways to improve visibility into your cloud data: To help security teams with visibility to generate new business opportunities.

Best Practices for Ensuring Good Data Hygiene: What it is, why does it matter and best practices from the experts

Multi-Cloud Data Management Essentials: Some essential capabilities to look out for when researching a platform.

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Gain a clearer understanding of what DataOps can do for your business and a roadmap for implementing the methodology.

Women in data who #ChooseToChallenge

On Monday, join in for a LinkedIn Live session to learn how these inspiring women #ChooseToChallenge!