Zine Issue June 25 2021


Your Data Supply Chains Are Probably a Mess. Here’s How to Fix Them.

Data is more important than ever, but most organizations still struggle with a few common issues.


More than words: Shedding light on the data terminology mess

It’s a data terminology mess out there. Let’s try and untangle it because there’s more to words than lingo.


When Solving A Business Problem With Data, “What Tech Are We Using?” Should Be Your Last Question

The roadmap for a new project should start with the business problem and the stakeholders you are trying to influence.

The New Stack

The New Face of Data Management

Analytics and AI tools, people, skills, and culture are necessary ingredients for data-driven operations but what may be overlooked lies deeper.

Analytics Insights

5 trends that will determine the future of big data technologies

Big data software will witness substantial changes to keep with the growing industry


The Future Challenges Of Big Data In Healthcare

Life sciences is becoming one of the biggest users of supercomputers, which are being used to effectively store, manage and interpret data.

Technical Corner

How to write good pseudocode: This underutilized tool makes all the difference

What is multiple regression? Learn the fundamentals of this commonly used algorithm

10 Big Data Technologies Rising: Prone to take over our everyday lives in the future

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Solutions Review

Zaloni Arena 6.4 Brings Enhanced Data Pipeline and User Efficiency

Users can now request data access through Zaloni’s data catalog and speed up the process of data onboarding as well.

DataOps Virtual Event

Meet the Speakers

Check out the lineup of industry experts who’ll be sharing their insights on how modern, collaborative DataOps enables transformative business initiatives and drive success.