Zine Issue June 11 2021


Five Imperatives For The Modern Chief Data Officer

As data grows exponentially spurred on by technology-led innovations, CDOs are caught between contrasting objectives


How edge AI can make enterprises more agile

Edge computing represents a powerful paradigm shift, but it has the potential to become even more useful when combined with AI.


14 Myths That Can Derail Your Business’ Data Analytics Efforts

14 industry experts from Forbes Technology Council discuss some of the most common data analytics myths business leaders need to be aware of.


How Master Data Management Can Help Tame the Data Governance Mayhem

An often-overlooked problem with siloed data is its implications for data governance and compliance.


Why Legacy Companies Struggle With Data Cultures—And What Leaders Can Do

Putting data to use effectively is often easier said than done for legacy companies.


Big Data Management in the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World

The rapid shift to hybrid and multi-cloud data environments is presenting a real roadblock when it comes to big data management.

Technical Corner

What Is ‘Equity As Code,’ And How Can It Eliminate AI Bias?

Value of Data Science Projects and Protecting Machine Learning

Everything to know about data science, big data, and data analytics