Zine Issue June 04 2021


Top big data technology trends not to be missed

The leading technological advancements and trends set to reshape the role of big data for today’s enterprises.


Is a data lake right for your company?

A few questions to help determine if it’s the data architecture you really need.


Go Deep With Analytics Using The ‘EDSEL’ Framework

A framework of five key considerations for determining whether data analytics makes sense on a cost/benefit basis.

Analytics Insight

DataOps: Why ‘Ops’ is useless without data integration

Without a fast, agile process for adding data sources, the whole DataOps framework collapses on itself.


Tackling Your Multicloud Strategy in Five Steps

Successfully implementing your own cost-optimized and easy-to-manage multi-cloud data management strategy comes down to 5 critical steps.

Analytics Insight

Trust and data analytics: Protecting privacy in analysis

Technology gave rise to Data Analytics, but it can also become the cause of several privacy issues.

Technical Corner

Data Mesh: Moving Away From Monolithic & Centralised Data Lakes

How Data Analytics Became Hyperconverged & what will the new hyper-stream look like

Top 10 important data science algorithms to know and learn about

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