Zine Issue July 30 2021


AI Takes the Stage at the Summer Olympics

It might not be obvious from the TV coverage, but the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is infused with big data and AI to an extent never before experienced.


Manually Managed Data Governance To Machine-Automated

Organizations that struggle with outdated systems will find themselves behind those that embrace automation.

Harvard Business Review

AI Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated or Expensive

Given advances in AI tech, organizations should shift their focus from building the right model to focusing on getting good data

CDO Trends

The Art and Science of Justifying DataOps

For chief data officers and data scientists, the business case for DataOps can be obvious. But for business executives, not so much.


The Secret To A Data Scientist’s Success Goes Beyond Technical Expertise

What exactly are some of those soft skills that data scientists need to refine, and what should hiring managers look for?


Culture is the secret sauce for ethical data management

The way organizations should approach data privacy isn’t only about compliance with regulations, but also to build trust with customers.

Technical Corner

Data architecture vs. information architecture: How do they differ

Designing a Purpose-driven Data Analytics Architecture

Programming language for data science: Python vs Julia vs R