Zine Issue Jan 28 2022


16 Expert Tips To Help Businesses Optimize Data Analytics

Industry experts from Forbes Technology Council share ways to maximize the value of data.


How data transformed from technical resource to strategic business asset

Today, data is collected, organized, and enriched, to make predictions.


How To Implement A Successful DataOps Strategy And Why It Matters

When data goes to work, organizations can maximize productivity and profits.

CDO Trends

Time To Stop Messing With Data Mesh

One of last year’s biggest topics is about to get bigger in 2022. Where data meshes will really play to their strength is in data democratization.


MDM for Business Leaders, CMOs, and COOs

What it is, what can happen if it’s badly managed, and the business stakeholder’s role in master data management (MDM)


How to Prepare Data for Ingestion and Integration

Getting data prepared is critical to being able to show ROI and results from the installation.