Zine Issue Jan 22 2021


Tech is speeding up vaccine supply chains

A lot more attention has been given to vaccine supply chains lately – and it didn’t take long for big tech to realize that there was much to fix.


Why Big Data Doesn’t Work (With The Human Genome)

The utilization of data still has the biggest impact on our world, however, when it comes to getting better insights into the human genome, it’s different.

Analytics Insight

5 Challenges of Big Data Analytics in ’21

Time to dive into the most typical big data analytics issues, investigate possible root causes and highlight the potential solutions.

CDO Trends

Additional Principles to Build a DataOps Ecosystem

This article looks at some additional considerations needed to maintain the dramatic pace of change in enterprise data.

S&P Global

So, the data lakehouse is now officially a ‘thing’ – what is it and why should you care?

Whether you consider the lakehouse a truly new architecture or a natural evolution of the data lake, the theoretical concept is closer to reality in 2021.

Technical Corner

Data Professionals Use of Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools

Let’s Talk About: Big Data Privacy and how our understanding of privacy has evolved over time

Visibility and Data Control: Two Factors Influencing Data Governance Success

News from

We’re proud to share our latest accomplishment with Amazon Web Services (AWS), achieving AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency status.
The AWS Competency designation recognizes Arena for helping companies achieve their digital customer experience initiatives through unified DataOps. This is in addition to AWS Data and Analytics Competency status for specializing in data governance, and the Arena platform is offered in AWS Marketplace. More details on the announcement here.