Zine Issue Jan 07 2022


Real-time analytics in 2022: What to expect?

Here are some trends that will shape and drive the adoption of real-time analytics further in 2022.

Information Age

DataOps will play a pivotal role in financial services growth

Experts discuss the role that DataOps will play in financial services companies’ growth


Reducing The Cost Of Failure With DataOps

When the consequences of mistakes are minimized, developers can more freely iterate their way to success.


Security, Privacy, and Governance at the Data Crossroads in ‘22

Industry players give their take on how trends like COVID-19, a looming Metaverse, the Great Resignation, etc will play out in 2022


Data Science & Analytics Predictions, Trends, & Forecasts

Read on to learn what a group of experts predict we can expect in data science and analytics in 2022.

Technical Corner

Using Uncertainty Modeling to Better Predict Demand

5 Structured Thinking Techniques for Data Scientists

Kubernetes for building a data platform