Zine Issue Feb 19 2021

Mckinsey Digital

How six companies are using technology and data to transform themselves

A look at how the acceleration of digital during the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping the next normal


4 Steps to company-wide data literacy

Despite the positive trend, the quest to broadly instill data literacy at the organizational level is not yet won


2021 DataOps Trends

Cloud journeys designed to make better use of data will accelerate and much more will require every organization to reimagine its data security strategy.


How To Avoid Big Mistakes With Big Data

Uncritical faith in aggregate data can lead to a distorted view of reality. This and other mistakes can be avoided.


The Data and AI Habits of Future-Ready Companies

According to Accenture, Future-ready organizations enjoy profits that are 2.8X higher, on average, than those in the other three categories

Technical Corner

What is Data Compliance? It isn’t as difficult as it used to be

Data lake storage: Cloud vs on-premise data lakes

Getting Started with DataOps: The basic tenets and a framework

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Ben Sharma of Zaloni:

Five Things Every Business Needs To Know About Storing and Protecting Their Customers’ Information