Zine Issue Feb 05 2021


Digital Transformation And Data In The New ‘Roaring Twenties’

We all are hoping things to go back to normal. However, we’re inevitably entering an era of uncertainty.


How to combat Shadow Data Management

Data scientists and their IT counterparts must work together to develop data management strategies that work for both sides.


Data Governance: The Next Big ESG Controversy

As industries evolve, ESG evolves with it, unearthing vulnerabilities vital to stakeholders.

CMS Wire

Why Disconnected Data Grinds Customer Journeys to a Halt

The time is now to fix any data issues that limit CX. Otherwise, digital disruptors will gain the upper hand because they are good at data.

Analytics Insights

Real Time Data Analytics

Helping improve business operations by analyzing and processing data chunks to provide instant insights.

Gradient Flow

The Growing Importance of Metadata Management Systems

It will be the foundation for data governance solutions, data catalogs, and other enterprise data systems.

Technical Corner

What is Data Fabric? A new type of networking based on a very familiar design concept.

Predictive Data Analytics: For data analytics teams and the business people who benefit from their activities.

The four trends in 2021 you can count on in an uncertain world