Zine Issue Feb 04 2022


The wrong data privacy strategy could cost you billions

If data is the new oil, then privacy is the new environmentalism. Learn about differential privacy and more.

Security Magazine

Security and accessibility are not mutually exclusive in the modern data stack

Business leaders and security executives do not have to choose.

Information Age

Extracting value from unstructured data

Unstructured data is the most common form of data being generated in the enterprise. Learn how to extract value from it.


Bridging The Big Data Divide

More diversity can improve processes and expand our ability to capitalize on the enormous data assets.

CPO Magazine

Is a Merger Between Information Security and Data Governance Imminent?

An integrated approach provides a foundation for success.

CDO Trends

Big Growth Ahead for Big Data

With huge growth predicted in areas such as data creation, new data analytics tools, and pay increases for data professionals.

News from

Zaloni Is Now Certified On Cloudera Data Platform

Together, the Zaloni Arena platform and the Cloudera Data Platform will help companies manage and govern data throughout the data supply chain to improve data quality, ensure data security and reduce time to analytics insight. Learn about the latest capabilities.