Zine issue Dec 11 2020

Harvard Business Review

Data to Meet Your DE&I Goals

When done right, the collection, analysis, and disclosure of diversity data holds the promise of being a powerful lever for progress.

Tech Republic

7 big data goals for 2021

From AI, DevOps, hybrid cloud, and more as you plan your big data strategy for next year, keep these seven goals in mind.

NBC News

What are retailers doing with the spike in consumer data

As retailers harness customer data experts warn of an unprecedented era that poses new questions about privacy


How Bad Data Is Undermining Big Data Analytics

By paying more attention to the accuracy, quality, and validity of the data, Data Scientists may move beyond the 85% failure rate for Big Data projects.


How Big Data Will Accelerate the Future of Digital Medicine in 2021

There is an opportunity to adjust how we manage care in the future to better serve the changing needs of the patient population

Technical Corner

Interpreting why you should consider Python for Big Data: the most widely used language

How to Union Non-Matching Data in Spark: A Simple Guide for the Less-Technical

Customer Golden Records: How to build them from disparate data sources with Arena

News from

Zaloni Placed in 2020 CTO Universe MVP Awards!

In the “New Technologies” Category for the impactful post on DataOps Drives Marketing Personalization Success

Zaloni named in Solutions Review 2021 Data Management Vendor Map

Alongside 26 data management for analytics, data quality, and Master Data Management vendors