Zine Issue Dec 10 2021


3 Ways To Harness Your Data And Prevent Overload

Used correctly, data can be a really empowering way to understand your business’s best next steps.

RT Insights

Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Achieve operational excellence and compete against the wave of competitors using DataOps.

Tech Republic

Integrate IoT, big data, and analytics into Industry 4.0

10 years ago, Industry 4.0 was just a theory. Now it’s coming to life with real-life examples and best practices for projects.

Analytics Insight

Upcoming trends of big data analytics for effective data management

Check out the upcoming trends of big data analytics to drive meaningful insights


Three Steps To Create A Culture Of Data Sharing

Cultivating a robust data-sharing culture takes time, but it’s a critical investment for long-term growth

Technical Corner

A Guide to Regularization in Python

Data science in cryptocurrency blockchain

Business Glossary: What is it and Why is it Helpful?