Zine Issue Dec 04 2020


3 Ways Data Is Helping To Improve Business Efficiencies

These are the biggest, from several ways, businesses are leveraging data sources to become more efficient and profitable than ever.

CMS Wire

Breaking The Third-Party Data Habit

With companies soon ending the practice of cookie collection, here are 7 ways marketers can successfully migrate from 3rd Party Data

MIT Sloan

Top-Down Leadership for Data

7 ways to can accelerate data efforts, derive near-term benefits, and gain a better understanding of the roles data plays in advancing business objectives.

CPO Magazine

Object Storage for Public Healthcare Organizations

And how they can adapt their IT infrastructures to deal with disruption without impacting the quality of patient care

World Economic Forum

6 Ways Good Governance Can Help Limit Technology Risks

and make sure it works for everyone

Technical Corner

Neural Prophet: A Time-Series Modeling Library based on Neural-Networks

2021 Trends in Data Science: The Entire AI Spectrum

Expert technical content for navigating cloud data management through end-to-end DataOps.

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