Zine Issue Aug 27 2021

IT Pro Portal

How to build a data athlete

What can enterprises learn from athletes and the routines they follow to prepare for major events?


Will Data Leaders Learn From The Travails Of Their Predecessors?

Now more than ever, data matters, and good data matters tremendously.


Changing the conversation about data

A data-centric culture requires both transformative technology and thinking

MIT Sloan

Liquidity is key to unlocking the value in data, researchers say

Enterprise data is often inaccurate and poorly classified. Increasing liquidity can pave the road to monetization.

CDO Trends

Empowering the Intelligent Data-Driven Enterprise in the Cloud

Automated, process-oriented methodology to improve data quality for data analytics.


Using DataOps To Maximize Value For Your Business

Everybody is talking about AI and data, but how do you make it real for your business? That’s where DataOps comes in.

Technical Corner

How Big Data Carried Graph Theory Into New Dimensions

Data Fabric Architecture to Modernize Data Management

What is a data warehouse? The source of business intelligence