Zine Issue Aug 20 2021


Blockchain 2.0: Finally Ready For The Enterprise

Enterprises are finally enjoying the benefits of secure and scalable data-sharing platforms.

Harvard Business Review

Why Do Chief Data Officers Have Such Short Tenures?

The CDO is arguably one of the most important roles at a company. It’s also a position that has become notoriously hard to stay in.

The Enterprisers Project

5 best practices to improve data literacy

Democratizing data helps empower everyone to make informed decisions. Consider these strategies to foster data literacy.


How To Choose A Cloud Solution In Tune With Data Storage

Asking where, when, why in considering cloud options helps steer the direction of a hybrid cloud approach

CIO Online

A unified approach to data governance

Organizations need a comprehensive way to carefully manage and track access to specific data across all their distributed data stores.

Information Age

Why data is key to successful net-zero transition

Head of net-zero decarbonization for Atos NA, discusses the role of data management in achieving net-zero


How AI Is Revolutionizing Data Capture

Speeding up data capture, raising the standards for data quality, adding context, and opening up access to data insights for all employees.

Technical Corner

How to increase the success rate of data science projects

When RPA meets data science: Intelligence and easier deployment

Now That Machines Can Learn, Can They Unlearn?