Zine Issue Aug 13 2021


Taming The Data Monster: Better Answers, Faster

Incorporating more real-time analytics might help you unlock valuable new capabilities that improve the bottom line.

Search Security

How privacy engineers promote innovation and trust

Could your organization benefit from hiring privacy engineers? Uncover how they promote innovation and fortify customer trust.

Venture Beat

Data management investments often stumble, survey finds

Competing in a world dependent on digital processes will come down to how well a company manages data that drives those processes.

Tech Republic

Six ways Wi-Fi 6 will change digital transformation

As Wi-Fi 6 gets implemented, there will be new on-premises opportunities to speed big data to its destinations.


Smart Cities’ Challenge: Bridging Data, In Real-Time

The key to these efforts is data, and the ability to move it quickly to where it’s needed.


From Big Data to Bigger Data: Redoing Data Preparation

The volume of data is outpacing the ability to handle it. As such, more attention must be placed on automating data preparation.


Why Data Governance Is a Shared Responsibility

Shared data governance can create a more agile organization that is capable of anticipating and responding to continual change.

Technical Corner

Hands-On Guide To Differential Digital Signal Processing Using Neural Networks

Data Mesh: A paradigm shift in enterprise data management

How Ben Shneiderman’s Treemaps Reached The Museum Of Modern Art