Zine Issue Aug 06 2021


Why Data Centralization And AI Predictions Should Represent One Business Strategy

There can only be one single source of truth when it comes to the data

Analytics Insight

Top 3 Data Privacy Trends to keep an eye on in 2021

With online shopping gaining momentum companies are turning towards data privacy to secure the data


How Innovative Cities Can Inform Citizens

Welcome to the digital world of today, where private data is protected and you’re provided with in-the-moment intel, updates, and experiences.

CDO Trends

To Win Big at Data, Start Small

The AI-based tools built to fight COVID were broad and diverse, but very few of them made a real difference. What went wrong, exactly?


How Robotic Data Automation Could Automate Data Pipelines

Gartner predicts robotic process automation and AI are fueling the growth for hyper-automation.


How Edge Analytics Can Future-Proof Video Surveillance

Video surveillance edge analytics will become even better at recognizing patterns, highlighting anomalies, and generating predictive insights.

Technical Corner

Hyperspeed exploratory data analysis (EDA): The Next Data Analytics Frontier

How Do You Use Data Structures and Algorithms in Python?: Learn practical examples

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Data Analytics: What you need to know?