Zine Issue Apr 30 2021

MIT Technology Review

Lessons from the pandemic’s superstar data scientist

He made an ML model in a week and ran it daily on his laptop, generating remarkably accurate predictions.


The Coolest Data Management And Integration Software Companies Of The 2021 Big Data 100

Includes a look at the vendors in big data management and data integration

Search Data Management

Why data quality is a must and how to improve it

Methods to improve and ensure big data quality are critical in making accurate, effective, and trusted business decisions.

Venture Beat

2nd Watch: Most enterprises lack in-house skills for data strategy

Data captured by 2nd Watch reflects the current state of enterprise data maturity.

CDO Trends

DataOps: Navigating the Data Wastelands

After years of defining the term data-driven, companies are beginning to realize the stark truth: we’re rich in data and poor in actionable insights.


How Data Science And Crowdsourcing Are Revolutionizing Brand Protection

The rapidly developing capability to apply ML and AI to traceability data is a fundamental game-changer.

Technical Corner

Process Mining – A New Stream Of Data Science Empowering Businesses

Statistical ideas with modern AI/ML tools: The Role Of Statistics In The Era Of Big Data:

Bringing Next-Gen Shuffle Architecture To Data Infrastructure at LinkedIn Scale

News from

Unlocking the Power of DataOps – DBTA Roundtable Webinar

Join the panelist as they discuss about key success factors and emerging best practices today

DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards 2021

Zaloni has been nominated for Best DataOps Solution and it’s time to cast your vote! Winners will be showcased on their website and in the August 2021 edition of the magazine.