Zine Issue Apr 09 2021


The Next 2021 Data Story

As the world rolls out vaccines, the need for accurate and timely distribution and uptake data is top-of-mind everywhere.

World Economic Forum

6 ways data sharing can shape a better future

The following examples outline how we might solve critical problems using these proposed data governance models.

CDO Trends

3 Ways To Level up Your Data Science

Suggestions around how companies can leverage data science to pull ahead of competitors.


Finding the Humanity in AI and Big Data

Learn how to gain a competitive edge by leveraging the human side of technology.

Tech Republic

Why ML, not AI, is the right way forward for data science

We like to imagine an AI-driven future, but it’s ML that will actually help us to progress, argues expert Michael I. Jordan.

Technical Corner

Why is Python Perfect for Big Data?
An Overview of Python and Its Significance

How Open Source is Driving the Future of Data Science
among cash strapped organizations

DataOps, Data Intelligence, and More with Joyce Wells and Ben Sharma: complexities and challenges

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DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards 2021

Zaloni has been nominated for Best DataOps Solution and it’s time to cast your vote! Winners will be showcased on their website and in the August 2021 edition of the magazine.