Zine Issue Apr 01 2022

Solutions Review

7 Key Data Governance Principles to Live by

Solutions Review compiled this list of data governance principles to live by for the success of your metadata initiatives.


Big on data, always and forever

Data and analytics have changed over the last decade. However, it’s just a tech cycle repeating itself. Data is and will be, a part of every such cycle.

RT Insights

The Cloud-Native Path to Data Anywhere

Architecting with Kubernetes makes data analytics exceptionally flexible, running anywhere at the point of business need


How To Unlock More Value From Your Data With Data Modernization

Migrating business-critical data to the cloud is an important part of the modernization process, but it can’t be the only step.

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On-Demand Webinar Available

Learn from experts in the field about best practices for implementing data governance on AWS from a single app.