More Data, Less Work.

December 4th, 2019

Time to insights. Time to deployment. Time to value. It seems that time is an important factor for many big data projects. The faster they can be completed, the faster the investment starts to pay off. However, today’s organizations face challenges with complex data sprawl, lack of control and security, and data quality issues. These challenges result in unreliable and stale data by the time it reaches a data analyst or data scientist.

You need a solution that allows you to centrally manage and govern distributed data, ensure data quality and security, automate processes, and provide self-service access to quickly and effectively deliver trusted data to your end-users.

In this first of 3 series, Matthew Monahan, Zaloni’s Senior Product Manager, will take you through cutting-edge data management techniques and show you how to leverage a single platform to manage the complete end-to-end data pipeline. Curious how Zaloni can save you time?

Matthew will be discussing:
– Connecting and cataloging distributed data
– Harnessing the power of machine learning and AI to build an augmented data catalog
– Leveraging autonomous data management for improved data quality
– Applying right-sized data governance for security and control
– Providing self-service provisioning for near-real-time access to data

This webinar will provide you with the information you need to guide your users on their journey to an amazing self-service data experience.


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