Building a Governed Data Lake in the Cloud

May 23rd, 2018

The three V’s of big data (velocity, volume, variety) continue to grow. There are more data types than ever, arriving faster, in sizes that traditional storage can barely keep up with. This is where transitioning to the cloud makes sense.

With its on-demand processing, storage scalability, and potential financial savings, the cloud is now a data-oriented organization’s dream. But what model is right for you? What challenges should you look out for? How do you migrate effectively?

Join Zaloni’s Director of Professional Services and Support, Raj Nadipalli, as he answers these questions – diving into cloud-based data lake use cases, a cloud-based data lake architecture, and more.

Topics covered include:
– Benefits of a cloud-based data lake (including hybrid and multi-cloud)
– Concerns with moving your data lake to the cloud
– Why metadata matters
– Cloud use cases
– A reference architecture


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