Governed and Self-Service Data: Better Together

May 25th, 2017

Today’s companies need actionable insights that are immediate. It is no longer feasible to wait weeks, even months, on IT to prepare business-critical data. Data lakes done right can enable you to view your entire data catalog at a moment’s notice and apply self-service transformations to that data. These interactions are key to providing a quick, clear understanding of business needs. But enterprises have a legitimate concern regarding data lake governance issues such as data privacy, data quality, security, and lineage. How do you marry both – how do you provide governed self-service to data in the data lake?

In this presentation, Scott Gidley, Vice President of Product Development at Zaloni, will highlight the benefits of governed self-service data and will provide a brief demo of Zaloni’s Self-service Data Platform.

Topics covered:

– Metadata management, the foundation for governed self service in the data lake
– Data catalogs
– Self-service data preparation
– Self-service ingestion
– Bringing it all together with Zaloni’s Self-service Data Platform


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