Data Governance in the Cloud

September 6th, 2021

Core components of a successful data governance program

Organizations that modernize are able to take advantage of cloud-native technologies to enable self-service analytics and machine learning across a wide range of data assets. This ubiquitous access accelerates their pace of innovation and unlocks new business insights. However, finding useful data, auditing, and ensuring sensitive customer information is protected remains a challenge. In this session, Roy Hasson discusses the need for data governance in a cloud-based data lake, what you’ll need to establish a data governance program and how AWS-native technologies like Zaloni can help you deliver on the vision of offering self-service analytics in a secure and governed manner.

Join this session to learn:
– The key benefits of a data governance program
– Core components of a successful data governance program
– AWS-native technologies that you can use to implement a data governance program for your cloud native data lake