Digital Transformation & Innovation with Susan Cook, Zaloni & Mike Pearl, PwC

September 6th, 2021

Business Innovation through Modern DataOps 


As data continues to grow and companies make the move to the cloud, many face challenges managing and governing these increasingly complex data ecosystems. The modern data management methodology, DataOps, is helping companies rethink how they manage their data by blending some of the best practices of agile software development and lean manufacturing.

In this video, Zaloni’s CEO, Susan Cook, and PWC’s Mike Pearl (a Zaloni customer) talk about how taking a DataOps approach allowed PWC to create a governed and secure internal data catalog to share data and data-related assets with over 250,000 employees, enabling collaboration and innovation and accelerating the company’s digital transformation.

Watch to learn:

  • How PWC achieved governance and security goals through modern DataOps
  • Why you should consider a DataOps methodology for data management
  • How to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing to improve productivity and drive innovation
  • How to ensure data governance across fragmented data ecosystems



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