AWS Architecture & Zaloni: Are you Well Architected?

March 4th, 2020


Nikhil Goel sits down with Dean Dierckx from AWS and talks about how Zaloni works with customers and partners to help them move to an AWS architecture while maintaining the five pillars of architecture.

Read the webinar transcript here:

[Dean] Welcome to Are you well architected? I’m Dean with AWS and today we’ve got Nikhil from Zaloni Welcome. Tell us a little bit about Zaloni. 

[Nikhil] So Zaloni provides a unified data platform for our customers to solve their big data use cases. And we have variety of functions, such as data ingestion data quality data transformations and data provisioning. 

[Dean] So Nikhil tell us a little bit about your well architected journey. 

[Nikhil] So, we really started on-premise, where a lot of our customers were using on premise sort of data lakes for the, for the data platforms. And they soon started building out data lakes on AWS and AWS architecture, which is really a fundamental shift for them, and they look at us as trusted partners and advisors on this journey. So it was very important for us to really learn the best practices and provide the best guidance possible. And that’s really the core of this mission, 

[Dean] as you’ve gone through this was there like one pillar that stood out. More than another as you were kind of looking at what is the value that we’re really trying to drive here from a customer standpoint

[Nikhil] I think all pillars are quite important, what our customers really want is the best possible deployment model, and a security model, and ultimately want to save money. So that sort of covers all the five pillars.I would say security is very important. Overall, considering all the GDPR use cases that are coming up. And of course, cost optimization is very important as well to customers.

[Dean] Now, as you’ve gone through this journey and as we continue to iterate on AWS architecture and our new services and you continue to iterate on your new services, how do you see really kind of well-architected fitting in to provide greater value for Zaloni.

[Nikhil] We want our customers to take advantage of all these new services. So, notably like server-less architecture, we’re using lambda, or auto-scaling, things like that. So that’s now on our roadmap really right and that will bring tremendous value to the, to our customers. And it is also fundamentally shifted our product strategy and product development to be cloud first. So that’s a big advantage for us and our for our customers on AWS architecture, going forward.

[Dean] Well Nikhil thank you so much for joining us today we very much appreciate you coming into the studio and shake your beard. And thank you for watching our you will architects.